Successful projects have 3 key points:

   1. Doing - doing things right
   2. Communicate: demonstrate what we have done well
   3. Balance between doing and communicating
                    On your projects we can work on:
Our great experience is related to Architecture. But let's not forget that lines are lines in any project ... 

Calculations and Budgets
Calculation Tables are a great tool for managing large large quantities of figures.
Combined with the Delineation they give plenty of opportunities.

Create Content
Creating Content can generate customers and send the Team to another level within the market.
We have experience in Creating Content.

Operating Systems & Apps


  • Surprise in Carrefour (video) Often when we walking, we pass through some store to buy something. This time the difference was, because in the store we were surprised.We were surprised that we could ...
    Posted 28 Oct 2015, 13:06 by Unknown user
  • One Day in Montjuic (video) In the month of July we have a lot of work, but it came unexpectedly this day. Without making many plans, we have gone for a walk. In the beginning ...
    Posted 28 Oct 2015, 13:37 by Unknown user
  • Why the Internet has changed our lives? Computers have replaced typewriters, it was a revolution. Obviously with a computer can do much more than we did before this year with a typewriter.In the beginning the price ...
    Posted 22 Jan 2015, 06:25 by Unknown user
  • When we must to change mobile telephone with new? For the first time I see an advertisement for Apple in the metro Barcelona - (11/19/2014)In September last year, Apple presented the new mobile, iPhone 6 and iPhone ...
    Posted 13 Jan 2015, 01:08 by Unknown user
  • Resume 2014 The last five years working on transportation projects, which did not score, nor discussed here on our website. The last 2014, we have realized that the efforts we make to ...
    Posted 5 Jan 2015, 23:27 by Unknown user
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    Welcome to los-proyectos.com!

    We believe communication between people is essential for any growth. We         have made our website to communicate with you and grow together.

Current Projects

  • Mediterranean house We have the project for this house in AutoCAD and we will convert it to 3D. The object is collaboration with the architect, to improve the project of the house ...
    Posted 30 Jun 2014, 22:18 by Unknown user
  • Hospis This is a 3D visualized building with rooms for old people, medical rooms, dinning room, laundry, board room, etc. Outside the building there is a parking place and garden with ...
    Posted 30 Nov 2012, 03:53 by Unknown user
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