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We are Nedelcho and Ahinora. We created los-rpoyectos.com in 2010 with the idea to continue working on architecture projects, but this time on the Internet. At that time, we were just moving from Sofia to Barcelona.

In Sofia, Nedelcho was working as draftsman in an architectural firm. The projects there were about homes and offices and they were carried out by construction companies in Sofia. Ahinora was working as an administrator in a company that produced and mounted railings and shop windows.

We wanted to live through the World Economic Crisis in a new place. I had lived in Barcelona from 2005 to 2007 and this is why we chose the Catalan capital.

The circumstances of live led us to a new work environment – transportation. We left aside the drafting projects, the calculations and everything that we were doing before, in order to enter a new work adventure.

The transports were something totally new to us. I started working in a transport company. During the first year, I learned the basics. I always gave more than what the team was expecting me to give and together with Ahinora we started creating and sharing content related to the work. Many times Martin, the son of Ahinora, participated in the creating process. The efforts of the three of us led us to getting customers for the transport team, where Nedelcho was working.

For several years we were seeing our future in the Transport business. The content was useful to people and part of them became customers. We were proud. What we did was useful both for the people and for the team. We have nearly entered our golden age.

Until one day I realized that the Transport Team does not exist. We were partners who worked together, but in the end everybody goes on his own way with his own interests. Maybe it was the greatest job desperation I have ever suffered. Many years of work on presenting the transport team and their work, became nothing. It is difficult to explain that I found customers. It was difficult for realization because me and all of my colleagues, even the boss had different interests. At the same time, with every year, the team was having less and less work…

Well, life teaches those who want to learn. Now, Ahinora and Nedelcho have chosen what we can do on our own, that depends only on us. We have put it at the top of our website. There are 3 things that come from our experience: Drafting, Calculations and Creating Content. We think that our knowledge, our skills, the languages that we speak and the fact the we live in Barcelona, can be useful to other teams. We are willing to cooperate. We have put it in Collaboration part of our website and we tried to present our ideas in a clear and simple way.

If you have any doubts, question or proposals, do not hesitate to contact us. We created our website and YouTube channel in order to communicate with people. We have the feeling that we are in the beginning of a great road that we are going to share with people with whom we are going to complement our abilities. We continue to believe in the Team, but not in a particular on at the moment. We believe that a well selected team can give more possibilities for each member than he can get on its own. We are searching for our team. We want to participate...

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