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Computers and Internet

How do my web?
Our web page we have. And we developed it. We believe it is useful to have a website and there are many advantages.

What are the advantages of having a website?
Communicate with people. Submit a product. Find Jobs. And much more.
They can be many advantages.

Can I make just my web?
Sure. It's easy and free. Make it with Google (where we have our website) and pay if you want only the name. Leaves you about 10 € per year.

If you need help you can contact us. But keep in mind that your website is your website. You have to know that you love, as you develop and you want to achieve with your website. We can give you guillar technically. This work is very individual, and therefore do not put prices. If you want to ask something about the subject, not in doubt and contact us. To ask any questions you we will not charge. Our web've done the first to communicate with people, and then everything else.
What are the most important programs?
They say the most important subjects in school are Literature and Mathematics. If this is true, we also have two major programs:

For Windows: Word and Excel
For Apple: Pages and Numbers