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Not everything that happens accept it

Too much unnecessary information to us run there. We have profiles, but hardly use them. For us a good social network e Google+.

Organizations and individuals that protect the environment (why is called "ambient" and not "natural" for example, and do not understand - is there an environment which is not environment?) Are mostly pessimistic and generally discuss topics that are negative.

Purchases that do not use
Always strive for minimum and practical. Before you buy anything ask ourselves: Do we need it? Will we use it? The answers to these questions determine whether to buy now, later or never buy it.

Loans and Credits
Avoid them. In our individual lives much more happy and peaceful when planning their purchases without debt.

Clenched people
We know people who would do anything, just to pay their coffee which themselves have ordered. We do not like such people.

People who talk about 'trust'
We trust is a topic that feels. Let's talk about trust is still a jammed architecture.

People who talk about 'complex and difficult' stuff
We think that things in life are easy and simple, if a person makes a request. There are many people who think that what they do is the greatest and complicated life and nobody else can do it as they did.

People who 'do not have time' for something
There is always a time for everything. Another issue is whether it put its priorities.

We do not pay attention to Friday the 13th or the black cat on the road or on the full moon or the tides.

Nationalists and patriots
A long time we stopped to define people as the city in which they were born or what country they came from. We define them according to their personal qualities (if you qualities - bet on quantities) and what they are themselves. Provincialism not place of birth, but a way of thinking.

This is an obsolete tool for creating pairs. Internet is a place overflowing with possibilities.

Game which is meaningful only because it is a team game. Himself Pep Guardiola (former Barcelona coach) says that Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande do the work we need all the whole society, not the individual performance of football circles.