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The machine called 'Internet'
This is a communication tool and a great way to connect people with the same interest. We ourselves find thanks to the Internet in early 2008 Internet gives many opportunities to express themselves, to show the world who you are, what you think and what your ideas. Apple allows us to do things to create, and Google and the Internet gives us the opportunity to show them.

Communication is essential for any success in life. The basis of any communication stands plain text or written statements. We like to communicate with people, love to read and write, love to listen and to talk.

We do a lot of pictures. We have a camera NIKON (old also was NIKON) and we can spend hours looking for interesting photos. Barcelona is a city in which an amateur photographer could never be bored. Last time I also photographed with the iPhone 6 and not just pictures. We strive recently to spontaneous photos and videos.

This is our new passion. The video gives us many new opportunities to say something. But the preparation is much greater. To create a video, which we like to run it in the network, it must be meaningful and well done. Therefore, they must follow the rules: creating a scenario shooting comp. processing, selection or creating music. Overall we are new to the craft but want to learn quickly.

It gives us another freedom of expression. Also what we have seen in the new but already doing animation and combine it with videos.