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Our Website

The start was in 2010
We created the web, thinking about using it to present our works, communicate with people and work through the Internet. We abandoned it for a few years, because we have participated in other projects. Today again we work on the development of our website and we try to translate all the content into several languages.

The objective
The objective is: Delineation and Calculations through the Internet. What we can do we expose it in the Beginning part. We are also willing to collaborate with other organizations. More information is in Collaboration.

What we consider important are: Content and Design (the distribution). They are two different things, but they are very close when it comes to developing the web. The development process is continuous, there is no end point. For this we put a date at the end of each page, which shows the last modification.

Except videos on YouTube, we developed the content in a way: Create Content and then: Improve Content. The process of creating begins with an idea and writing a text. Then the text can grow in a video. The process of Improving many times is to change the Design (sort the page).

Website or YouTube?
For us the most important is the Web Page, but the pillars are the Videos. The Web gives better way to sort the content. Videos give a better way to explain the content.

We use Google Sites. It is one of many Google tools that is useful when Displaying Content on the Internet.

The Name
Behind the name los-proyectos.com does not have any company. The name represents us as a small organization: Nedelcho, Ahinora and potential collaborators.