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We as a family

Our family names are different, but we're family. Or so perceived. We're both your whole family! And we are very happy! As he sang an old song bd: "Do not you believe it ??! Do not come to our guests! Stay with doubts!" (Or whatever it was) :)

If someone thinks that the basis of a happy family life hiding joint compromises - wrong. We make no compromises to each other. Absolutely none. Really. No. Whatever you do for one another, we do because we are attached, because we are committed, because our pleasure.

We do not know whether it was interesting or not, but let me mention that we were born in the 70s in Sofia.

We live in Barcelona by the end of 2009. In the midst of global economic crisis, we decided to change the system. And because we are not dictators and democrats in spirit, we do not try to change it. We took advantage of globalization and global decision we took to buy two one-way plane ticket, which led to two global family changes:

Working change:
Architects changed a wheel.

Home change:
Windows is replaced by Apple.

We went to a more rounded forms. And what is more important: we found what we were looking for a local and global scale.