Attractions in Barcelona

Citadel Park (Google maps)

Citadel Park is the oldest and for many years the only park in Barcelona. There are paths for cyclists, recreational facilities, and various firugi mammoth stone. The center has an artificial lake with fish, turtles and ducks. The park is located three Dracula's Castle. One side of the park is attached to the Barcelona Zoo (Parc Zoològic de Barcelona), and one entrance of the park on the promenade leading to the Arc de Triomphe (Arc de Triomf).

Park Guell (Google maps)

On the opposite side of the sea on a hill in Barcelona is Park Guell. It was designed by the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. All figures, statues and buildings in the park are made of tiny colored porcelain pieces. The most famous piece is "lizard Gaudi."

Catalonia Square (Google maps)

Located in the center of Barcelona. This is the place for strikes and protests to meet Christmas and other holidays. There, like Piazza San Marco in Venice permanent residents are ogoromnite flocks of pigeons. Na Plaza Catalunya is famous for meetings "cafe Zurich" and one of Apple stores in Barcelona.

Gothic Quarter (Google maps)

On the right side of La Rambla is the Gothic neighborhood Barri Gòtic. Filled with ancient buildings and narrow streets. Nowadays it is difficult to get away with tours there, but in the past has been good for the local population that is hiding from the horsemen of the invaders. In the Gothic Quarter is Barcelona Cathedral La Seu. There was buried St.. Eulalia - patroness of Barcelona.

The statue of Columbus (Google maps)

Here Christopher Columbus set foot after his first trip to America. The article is built for the World Exhibition in Barcelona. High is 60m. and it has an elevator that leads to the top. From there, seen the sea and much of Barcelona.

Spain Square (Google maps)

E built for the International Exhibition in 1929 on an area of ​​34 000 m2. It is the second largest square in Spain after Spain Square in Madrid. There are organized various exhibitions throughout the year. On the square are two Venetian towers built by architect Ramon Reventos inspired by the tower of St Mark's Square in Venice. Square Spain belongs to the magic fountain. It is the main component of many related small fountains and ponds. Pass through two 600l. water in a second. Associated with the groundwater of the mountain of Montjuic.

Hotel W (Google maps)

In presenting the project, the hotel should be 168 m. However, the City Council forced the architect to amend the draft does not change the skyline of Barcelona and not exceed the height of the two Olympic towers. The hotel was opened on September 1, 2009 and than 100 m.


Parque de la Ciudadela

Parque Güell

Plaza de Cataluña

Barrio Gótico de Barcelona

Monumento a Colón

Plaza de España

Hotel W Barcelona