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Surprise in Carrefour (video)

posted 27 Oct 2015, 04:34 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Oct 2015, 13:06 ]
Often when we walking, we pass through some store to buy something. This time the difference was, because in the store we were surprised.

We were surprised that we could pay through this device. We received assistance, but the idea is that in the future, we do the payment alone.

All is the same, but the customers must to do everything alone. We must passed the barcodes of every product close to machine, and leave them all in this basket. Then we put the club card (if we have card, of course). After we pay by card or cash.

When we were living the store, we were wondering. Is this the way for payment in the future? What about security? What about confidence??

The future arrived as in the movie Back to the Future. And now again we wonder: What will be the future?

Probably the future is less control and more confidence ... We'll see 

Surprise in Carrefour