Calculation Tables

Handling huge volumes of data using charts and calculations.

Calculate the dimensions of the surfaces
Calculate budget. For example: for changes, carpentry, etc.
Have the needed information to share with the Store/Warehouse
Share information over the Internet

What do we need?
We need the data. In order to develop a chart, we need to know the problem or how the business works. This way, we can create charts that fit well to the needs.

(photos, drawings, plans, videos)
Conversion Plans
We are converting plans from (Sketch/ .PDF/ .JPG)
to (AutoCAD/SketchUp).

Create 3D
We create 3D objects, floors, houses, buildings, etc.

Project Development
We participate in the creation and development of the projects.

Measuring and Drawing the Plans
We can take measurements of houses, flats, offices
and create distribution plans (Barcelona only).