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Budgets and Calculations

Grouped and organized the figures give us opportunities and information that helps us to make appropriate decisions. Handling large amounts of figures and data is possible with the help of the Tables of Calculations.

I use tables of calculations at work already many years ago. Different tables for different tasks. Usually they do not ask me, it's my initiative. But almost always when I start a table, soon after the positive results are seen. We also use tables at home. We have a lot of information about When, Where, How and How much we have made our income and above all: we have a lot of information about our expenses.

The information serves to prevent and choose. Knowing means Power.

The structure
A table is a structure of formulas. Mainly figures are added. Once the structure is prepared, the table can be used by changing some figures. The final result is automatically changed. You can also use the table by changing all the data by running a new task.

Each task is different. That's why every table I make comes out different. Some programs give templates that can make it easier to start. I do not use templates for one reason: I improve the tables over time. For this I prefer to create the formulas from the beginning, so that I can change the structure of the table easily, when this is necessary.

Development of tables
Choose what is useful
I try to give priority to what is useful, and to leave aside what does not seem important to me.
With the changes, the tables always get bigger and more complex. Simplifying tables becomes a part of development.

Personal Tones
  • I start with a key
I always start with what is important, a figure, a data. Then I'll describe if this is necessary. I do not do it the other way around, as is usually done on paper.
  • Use 2 sheets
In the first sheet I put the results, the sums, the data, the graphs. In the second sheet I put the figures, from which come the main data. It is a way to make tables orderly, that are easy to understand, even after spending some time.
  • Colors
The colors help me group the figures.

The important things
The important thing is to trust the figures. It is true that the figures calculated from the machine are real, true, authentic. That is why whenever possible I do verifications.

Programs and Apps
The most important programs are 3: Excel, Numbers and Spreadsheets. They belong to the giants of technology: Microsoft, Apple and Google. Each program has its advantages. Excel is more popular, uses a lot of people and is comfortable when you need to share files. Numbers is perhaps the most intuitive of all. It works easily. It is comfortable when used with Apple devices: the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Google Calculation Sheets are good when working together. For example: multiple users populate data on a single sheet. It is also good if the information has to be shared over the internet, for example: display the table on a web page.

Any of the three programs is good and can greatly facilitate the work of a team. In other words, from any team.