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When we talking about a good website, I imagine a website useful and interesting for visitors. This is why I imagine it dynamic, which is updated from time to time, and is not as a monument in the network. But for a website to be useful, it must have a mission, a goal. We know it can not be useful to everyone. One objective may be, for example: to win new clients.

The creation and development of a web page contains two actions that have a link:
  • Content
They can be Texts or Videos. We complement the texts with photos and videos with animations.

  • Design
It is the way to organize the content. It is the distribution of the content by the web: buttons, subpages, etc.

In order for us to be able to create and develop Content and Design, we need to know the subject of the web very well. We also need to be clear about the purpose of this website. That is why we have to work within the company and get to know the processes, the problems and the possible solutions. Thus we have created and developed a website with the theme Transport.

If we are not within the company, we can collaborate with the person who will create the Content. We can do the Design, but together with the creator.