I am of the last generation draftsmen who have first learned to projects by hand and then computer.

Objective: - Visualize Ideas - Create Project - Make Reality

Create Model: 90% of Delineation work consists of creating Models that are prepared to receive changes: - change dimensions; - placing, removing or moving objects; - change views; - change scales.

Our way:
1. Accuracy - is important for future changes
     - lines always attached
     - without leaving lines on other lines
     - compact figures (blocks) if possible

2. Speed - better delineate faster
     - outline with two hands, without looking at the screen

AutoCAD (2D) and SketchUp (3D) - Universal programs where you can view any 2D Plan and 3D Model.

The combination Delineation + Create Content can give powerful tool to Present Ideas:

Conversion Plans
We are converting plans from (Sketch/ .PDF/ .JPG)
to (AutoCAD/SketchUp).

Create 3D
We create 3D objects, floors, houses, buildings, etc.

Project Development
We participate in the creation and development of the projects.

Measuring and Plan Creating

We can take measurements of houses, flats, offices
and create distribution plans (Barcelona only).