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Make Website is art. Do something that grows every day and you start from nothing, it is pure art. Like the work of a musician who makes music from silence. Like the writer, a white sheet that makes a text. Like the painter, a white sheet that draws a picture.

What are the arts that remain in history? Why do we think and talk about some movies, books, pictures, etc. but it spends a lot of time and other forgotten very quickly?

It's like kind of art, if you have any sense at bottom, is significant, it will not be forgotten.

Make your good web, it means express yourself well on the Internet. Make it so that corresponds to the 21st century, intelligently. Through your website you can communicate with customers and coworkers.

Your website has to be useful and interesting. You have to avoid content that does not matter to customers and reviewers.

Most carriers now account for its activities over the Internet in an exaggerated manner, such as "we are the best". This is not earn much for a simple reason: this has nothing to do with what customers want, and less potential collaborators.

Make your website should be a never-ending job. It should be part of the daily work of the Office Equipment, For example: when you do not have to calculate budgets, they can develop the website.